Sk8orPie – September 10, 2015

Our first pop-up restaurant experience was held on Thursday, September 10, 2015. It was at POP Restaurant, which is located above Checker Bar in Detroit Michigan. Following is the menu that was served.

Skate or Pie #sk8orpie FoodCiti-Board Flatbread
Pepperoni “OUR WAY!” with lemon scented herb ricotta, parm crust, garnished with fresh herbs, broccolini & lemon zest.
Region: New York / Naples Hybrid

Half-Pipe Caesar
Purple kale, garlic sprouts, shredded parm, “The Original” Caesar dressing, served in a romaine leaf with cheesy crostini’s, topped with candy cane radishes and an anchovy…because no one should ever eat alone.
Region: Tijuana, Mexico

Off the Rail “Chick Trick” Chicken
Skate or Pie #sk8orpie foodSmoked chicken smothered in our signature tangy Brazilian BBQ sauce, wrapped in bacon, served with Chimichurri Rojo sauce, accompanied by crisp root chips seasoned to perfection. Served with Latin street corn on a stick.
Region: São Paulo, Brazil

Sweet…Pizza Dough-Knots
Tossed in powdered sugar and cinnamon sugar, drizzled with hot Nutella sauce, served with mascarpone whipped cream and fresh strawberries.
Region: New York / NEW Detroit